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Our Patients Reviews

Dr. Tiwana, Dr. Gascoigne and the staff at this practice are great professionals.
15:00 18 May 22
I can’t speak highly enough of all the staff and treatment at Styvechale Dental Care. Everyone is friendly but professional. Dr. Tiwana has an easy manner that puts you at ease straight away. I value his expertise and professional judgment. He is always very helpful and thorough when discussing possible treatments but leaves the final decision up to you. He gives a considered estimate of the cost of treatment so there are no unpleasant surprises when it comes to paying. He keeps you informed throughout the treatment and checks often to ensure you are happy to continue. I wholeheartedly recommend this practice.
12:48 12 May 22
I had root canal treatment by Dentist specialist Jas and his assistant. Very professional treatment. It took 2 hours to finish. Many thanks for calling me that someone cancelled his appointment. Therefore I got treatment the next day. It is a week after treatment. My tooth is telling me he is happy 🤣.
12:30 04 Apr 22
I highly recommend Dr Mo Dabb and all the rest of the staff at Styvechale Dental Care where I have been a patient there for about 19 years. Last year I had a problem with a bridge fitted by another dental practice 30 years ago. This has now been replaced by 2 implants and a crown.The practice's own CT scanner was used to identify a problem that was not showing in standard dental X-rays. A crack in a tooth root had allowed the formation of a cyst in my jaw "the size of half a golf ball".Dr Dabb took time to thoroughly explain the problem and the various treatment options and answered all my questions so I could make informed choices.When the cyst was removed "Ethoss" calcium sulphate and beta tri-calcium phosphate - was used to form a scaffold to allow the growth of new bone to fill the hole. Using this material meant there was no further surgery on me and no risk of my immune system rejecting a foreign body bone graft.I was very happy with the care given to me by Dr Dabb and the whole team during each stage of the process, including calls at the weekend to check on me after any surgery.The ceramic porcelain teeth and crown were manufactured and fitted with considerable care to give me a result that has me grinning each time I pass a mirror. I could not be happier with the result.
14:34 01 Apr 22
On behalf of my mum Sudesh Takyar:I would like to say massive thank you to the team here at Stychale Dental Care. The Staff is so welcoming and full of lively spirits everytime I visit. I was really scared because two lower jaw teeth were very painful and I couldn't eat anything due to so much pain. But my dentist I saw - Dr Jas was AMAZING, he extracted my two teeth in just 15 minutes without any pain at the time and afterwards, I had no pain AT ALL. So lovely and kind and very reassuring. Moreover the assistant Nurse Kuldip was also very helpful giving me confidence throughout until the job was finished. I am so much thankful for the lovely experience. Would definitely recommend to family and friends.
19:56 23 Mar 22
I received great care yesterday and was very impressed with the most efficient and friendly service from all the staff at the practice. Amazing equipment! I can highly recommend Dr Jeetinder Tiwana.
18:30 17 Mar 22
I came across this surgery when looking for a regular dentist. I had my first check-up with Dr Shehnaz and she was amazing, very friendly from the onset and great at explaining everything properly. With one of my appointments, she actually performed 3 fillings for me at once, 2 of which were deep rooted ones right at the back yet I didn't feel a thing and the after-effects were fine as well. The surgery even rang me the next day to check I was OK, which was completely unexpected and really considerate. I have felt so at ease with Dr Shehnaz that I have decided to stay with her for my regular check-ups without a second thought! Thank you Dr Shehnaz, you're lovely :)I then asked to book in with Dr Tiwana when I realised I would need an endodontist treatment. I was quite worried as I had been told by a different dentist I would need my front tooth taken out and replaced with an implant due to having an abscess above it and alongside it. Furthermore, this had caused it to dis-colour as well. I wasn't highly hopeful that I could be helped any differently now. Yet Dr Tiwana saw me and reassured me instantly that I wouldn't need to lose my tooth, rather I only needed a simple treatment to remove the abscess and then whiten it inside out. I had this procedure done, and he ensured everything ran so smoothly. My tooth is now whitened and healed and I didn't have to lose it at all! I am very grateful to Dr Tiwana for this. He is honestly one of the best dentists I have ever seen. He makes you feel at ease instantly and has a really friendly and kind nature. He gives you honest and practical advise and advises you with the best route. I would highly recommend him! Thank you Dr Tiwana, you're great at what you do, please keep it up!The best thing about my treatments was I didn't feel nervous visiting the dentist like I usually do, which says a lot! From the dental treatment to the reception service, I have had an amazing service from everyone. I can say I definitely made the best choice in picking up the phone that day and getting in touch with Styvechale Dental Care for my treatment! Thank you guys, really appreciate it all :)
19:27 14 Mar 22
I am very satisfied with the care I have received at Styvechale Dental Care. From the staff at the front desk to the assistant, everyone at this practice is very warm and helpful. Dr Tiwana is a thorough professional and very meticulous in his work. He dedicates adequate time to answer all your queries. My tooth feels so much better! Thank you!
11:29 10 Mar 22
Being nervous of attending the dentist I found the practice staff very friendly. Will return.
18:04 02 Mar 22
I had an incredible partial crown fitted to my molar at Styvechale Dental Care. Their equipment is absolutely gold standard and the crown only took 10 minutes to mill in their state of the art machine. Their 3D scanning system allowed for a digital tooth to be rendered that would fit the space perfectly and look incredibly realistic. So much care and effort went into making this restoration prefect and making me comfortable. It was worth every penny!
21:14 17 Feb 22
I had a great experience at Styvechale Dental Care. I am always very nerve about going to the dental however, the team were amazing! I had to have two fillings and the dentist made me feel very comfortable.
14:36 02 Feb 22
Very professional, knowledgeable and experienced surgeon. Done my root canal treatment without any complications at all. Explained the whole process in advanced to reduce my worries.All other staff, including nurses and receptionists are also very friendly, helpful and professional.
21:34 25 Jan 22
As someone who is nervous of visits to the dentist, I found that Dr Tiwana and his team were very supportive and took the time needed to make sure my experience was as easy as possible.On my first visit i had a full examination and discussed what requirements I had for my teeth.On my second visit I had a root canal, which was easier than i presumed, I had to have a cap (new tooth) and this was done there and then. They did a 3D print of the tooth and then 10 mins later my new cap of the tooth was ready and put on. No re-visit necessary!A great dentist practice!!
12:34 11 Jan 22
Whilst trying to find an out of hours dentist on a Sunday afternoon, I stumbled upon Styvechale Dental Care and sent a message to see if they could help; within 20 minutes I had a call back from Jeetinder who offered to see me that afternoon. A quick 20 minute trip and I left with my problem all resolved; outstanding service. I'll be registering here for my future dental treatment!
20:40 02 Jan 22
The surgery is highly professional, they have the highest level of technology and I really feel that I always have the most advanced treatment currently available. They all have excellent bed manner, always ensuring that I feel all right during the treatment, explaining what is being done and even calling you post-treatment to make sure you're all good. The quotes are explained in details and competitive from what I have researched in the area, but most importantly, there is no pressure to accept the treatment and cheaper alternatives are offered. Overall an excellent surgery which I highly recommend.
18:20 06 Dec 21
So far (based on two visits), my experience of Styvechale Dental has been a very positive one. To my mind, Dr. Jeetinder Tiwana runs a state of the art dental surgery the likes of which I have never experienced elsewhere in the UK; certainly, compared to the previous dentists I have used, I would hazard a guess Styvechale Dental is possibly twenty (20) ahead of these other dentists. The process, demeanour, professionalism, skills and experience, of the entire team I have come into contact so far is exemplary. These people are the most ethical, professional, skilled, experienced and technical dentists I have had the privilege to come across.I had root canal treatment (three long roots, one adding to the complexity because it meandered, and hence, proved a challenge to treat); again, to my mind, everything was done to a very high standard, right from preparation to the use of professional dental imaging systems and dental operating microscopes. It has now become very clear to me that if I were to have further root canal treatment, I would class a dentist’s practice offering root canal without this sort of equipment as not fit for purpose. Such equipment was used to scope out the extent of the roots and to undertake the work required to remove the infection at the micro nerve level. With the root canal completed, a 3D Optical Scanner was used to map out in detail my teeth structure. This came alive in front of me on-screen in real time, enabling the dentist to not only obtain a detail photo of the layout of my jaws (top and bottom), jaw movement , and teeth layout and structure, but to also to visualize potential problems and remedies to ensure a conciseness in diagnosis and measurement which I believe you could never obtain without such equipment. Nothing was left to guesswork and chance; this technology enabled a precision in measurement you could never obtain by using just the naked eye. Once the parameters were input, my (part) crown was milled onsite and fitted within half an hour from the time the (digital) measurements were taken. There was no need for to and fro visits to the dentist! I found the whole process ethical and transparent. This was money very well spent. I firmly believe Styvechal Dental should be the model on which all dental practices should follow in the UK.As an aside, I had suffered (severe) tooth ache recently; I suspected an infection and thought (and rightly so on hindsight) I would need to undergo significant remedial treatment on a tooth which had only recently been treated and filled. I decided against going back to my (now) previous dentist. What I learnt from my research was that root canals and (properly) fitting crowns was an area of expertise in itself requiring additional training and experience not just in the physiology of root canal treatment of itself but extensive investment in essential technology (CT scanners, 3D optical scanners, dental operating microscopes, etc.). Styvechale Dental, whilst they are a general dentist, are comprehensively invested in this technology and are professionally able to undertake this complex work at an advanced level; most importantly, they have the people with the right experience and technical knowledge to confidently undertake intricate work like this.I looked far and wide, and becoming a patient of Styvechal Dental has proved to be a wise decision. These guys have proved to be committed and brilliant at what they do. I will be referring my entire family to Steyvechal Dental;. I commend them unequivocally.
13:55 04 Dec 21
I visited styvechale dental surgery recently to undergo some preperation work to enable me to have the invisiline system fitted, unfortunately my gums need some tlc before that can progress.Faultless service from beginning to end, very welcoming, they were considerate of my emotions throughout my treatment ensuring i was relaxed and comfortable. Overall great experience.
13:50 04 Dec 21
Have to say after using many dentists over many years this practice is simply the best!Prior to having treatment I was the most nervous patient due to horrendous experiences but now with the care given by Dr. Harneeta Dhami I am totally relaxed.Dr. Harneeta’s groundbreaking dentistry has saved my teeth and enhanced my smile.She performed a tricky root canal with no issues/pain afterwardsAlways seen on time too!In conclusion I am a total convert now and wish I’d found these guys years ago, if you are looking for a new dentist just go you won’t be disappointed 😆
17:36 03 Dec 21
Kate and the team are fabulous. I have been coming here since I was 12, so 20 years, and the team are all so friendly and welcoming. I now live in Northamptonshire but continue to come back for my appointments as the service here is excellent. The surgery itself is exceptionally clean and the waiting area is modern and comfortable. Great team, Great place, Great service. Keep up the good work.
10:14 30 Nov 21
I can not fault the care I have received up to now as a new patient with Styvechale dental care.They put you at ease from the moment you walk in.Highly recommend
16:32 23 Nov 21
My family and I have used the practice for many years. The whole team are consistently helpful and friendly. Treatment is carried out in a caring and professional manner with clear advice. Always a very good service, highly recommend.
12:55 18 Nov 21
I started my Invisalign treatment about 6months ago to close my front gap and just straighten my teeth and have ‘the perfect’ smile and Styvechale Dental Care really has made my dreams come through, not completely done yet but I love my smile already.Reception and all other staff are very friendly, lovely and welcoming.Great practice, no complaints.
11:50 18 Nov 21
I had a tooth problem; part of my tooth cracked causing me a pain. Styvechale Dental Care admitted me to their clinic immediately. The required treatment that included x-ray, taking out a piece of the cracked tooth and filling the tooth was done within 1 hour. I am very pleased with the way the clinic treated me!
11:11 09 Nov 21
15:28 03 Nov 21
I recently had a tooth implant, procedure explained clearly and how long it would take. Work carried out painlessly and exactly as described. Now have beautiful implant. So good I'm having another one done. Highly recommended.
11:37 07 Sep 21
Dr Tiwana is an excellent dentist going beyond the call of duty to initiate my treatment with personal follow up care. thank you
20:53 07 Aug 21
I had an emergency appointment to remove a broken molar tooth which could not be removed by another Dentist.The appointment was on time and Dr Tiwana removed the tooth in minutes. ThisDentist is a true professional and I can recommend his services .
15:59 05 Aug 21
I received orthodontic Invisalign treatment here and it was a really good and efficient experience. The staff are all very friendly and welcoming which was lovely and the treatment itself has provided me with exactly what I was looking for. Overall a really good practice, I have no complaints :)
15:49 05 Aug 21
Been having nhs for years needed serious work done ie crown ,I couldn’t have had better service very friendly professional staff went through everything I needed, 10/10 experience.
12:04 05 Aug 21
In the space of just 14 weeks I've gone from having a rather embarrassing smile to a perfect healthy smile! I can't thank the team at Styvechale Dental Care enough for their customer service during my Invisalign plan. The friendly staff made everything so easy throughout the whole journey from my initial scans, to my aligner installation all the way up to the final scan for my retainers.They say a picture speaks a thousand words. I hope my before and after picture says everything you need to know about Invisalign!Thanks again 😄
21:15 15 Jul 21
So far my experience with Styvechale Dental Care has been great! I went to the practice to discuss straightening my teeth using invisalign. The staff was really friendly and helpful, and Dr. Tiwana was very kind and honest about the treatment outcomes. In my case time is of the essence, and the team was able to accomodate my needs and get X-rays of my teeth and scan them for the invisalign analysis on the same day as my first appointment. I'll start the treatment very soon and I'm looking forward to see the results!
09:43 19 May 21
07:40 19 May 21
I have recently had implants and I am now having further implants as I was pleased with the previous outcome which was the result of expert and careful work.
15:15 18 May 21
I had a very difficult root canal carried out by Mohit at this practice...Not a procedure I was looking forward to.It was a long and arduous process that took two visits.Never once did I feel a thing Absolutely no pain or discomfort just nothing .No after discomfort either .Brilliant !Margaret Collier .
15:16 17 May 21
16:13 11 May 21
Always a professional job done well!
12:37 21 Apr 21
I have been a patient with this practice for over twenty five years and the team are absolutely first class, especially Dr Tiwana. I could not recommend them highly enough. Currently being fitted with a denture.
12:18 21 Apr 21
I have just had my front crown and a filing replaced by Kate and her college Laura who were, and always are very professional and friendly in their approach to my dental treatments. The price quoted was acurate and the process explained in detail. Would highly recommend Styvechale Dental Care.
14:32 20 Apr 21
Fantastic dental practice and really happy with my treatment so far with both Dr Henal Shah and Dr Tiwana. Invisalign has changed my smile forever and really pleased with the results so far especially during this pandemic where health and safety is so important. Only a few more weeks to go now until they are off completely. Can't wait! Thank you Styvechale Dental team.
18:28 19 Apr 21
When I started having treatment at the practice I was very nervous. I had a previous experience with another Dentist that had really upset me. This resulted in my not having visited a Dentist for a few years.When I had my first examination with Dr Tiwana in 2010 he was very gentle and patient.I needed treatment for gum disease. I required 6implants a bridge and crowns. A lot of treatment.It all went really well over a nearly a year. In all that time Dr Tiwana was brilliant as was his nurseand all of the staff that I came into contact with.More recently I have had a cyst removed and had root canal treatment. Again exceptionality greattreatment carried out with the utmost care.I am so great full that I can smile with confidence . I would highly recommend this Dental practice.
12:39 19 Apr 21
I was referred to have a second root canal treatment and on failed root canal by an NHS dentist. I was extremely nervous, but the treatment went smoothly and managed to get it done in less than 2 hours! Appreciate that they insist on check ups, as this is essential for ensuring a successful treatment! It may be slightly expensive, but its definitely worth it and great that they offer finance options.
08:27 14 Mar 21
22:11 11 Mar 21
I had an outstanding experience at Styvechale Dental Care. I had a fairly lengthy procedure that involved several worn teeth receiving Composite build ups including anterior wear composite repairs.Kate and Laura worked professionally and efficiently and the results are simply outstanding. My stumpy 40 year worn away front teeth are now a natural full size in perfectly matched colours. It all looks completely natural and my face is even a better resting shape (because my jaw is now better spaced I don't look like Steptoe anymore).I used to have terrible sensitivity because of the anterior wear, this has completely gone. I am completely blown away at the improvements Kate and Laura have made, not just to my teeth but to my overall mental well being.Thank you Styvechale Dental Care, in these difficult pandemic times your efforts are so very gratefully appreciated. You guys are modern day super heroes. Brilliant, thank you.
11:41 03 Mar 21
Excellent care from the Styvechale Dental team. Always a friendly reception service. The hygienist will not not stop until our teeth are carefully and individually cleaned and that you understand the after care. The dentist always asks if you are OK which these days means a lot. My family have been with the same Dentist for 18 years now and we'll stick with them - a professional and trusting team and our kids have grown up only with this team.
21:10 26 Feb 21
Extremely good care, high quality service from both the dentist and support staff. I was very well looked after in the practice throughout few appointments. Definately will recommend especialy with complex issues with your teeth. My tooth was saved despite being written of by other dentists alraedy.
11:52 24 Feb 21
I have finally found a dentist where I no longer feel nervous. My first few visits were with Dr.Tiwana for a Root Canal Treatment, he was so kind & put me at ease straight away. The treatment went very well.I would highly recommend Styvechale Dental Care, they have been brilliant with my treatments.
18:46 16 Feb 21
Dr Tiwana has been my dentist ever since he joined the practice many years ago. I could not ask for better care. All the team are friendly and helpful and the additional safety procedures introduced over the last year are excellent.
10:51 04 Feb 21
Professional, great patient care and always explain clearly your treatment options and what you can expect in terms of outcome
12:54 03 Feb 21
Styvechale Dental Care has been my dental practice for years.Since Covid began though I've been cautious about going to the dentist.However, recently I decided it was time to look after my teeth.I've just had my first check up since the first Covid lockdown.I felt very safe with all the precautions put in place.The door is kept locked so no-one can inadvertently wander in without a mask.At the entrance I was asked some Covid related questions about my current health & those I've been in contact with and then my temperature was taken.My belongings were isolated and kept secure whilst I was having my treatment.Everyone I saw was wearing a mask.All the staff were friendly, kind and considerate as has always been my experience here.I'm returning this week for a hygienist appointment & thoroughly recommend Styvechale Dental Care.
12:05 03 Feb 21
I am so happy with the experience I have had at Styvechale Dental Care. The staff have been nothing but accommodating and ready to help. Everyone was really friending and my experience there has been a breeze. Appointments were able to be flexible around my busy day-to-day life and having post appointment phone call check-ups was a lovely touch. The work I have had was done with procession and I am over the moon with the result.
11:44 03 Feb 21
On arrival both myself and my wife were asked to leave all none essentials in a box in the waiting room and we were escorted to the surgery by a very pleasant dental nurse, the room was spotless. We sat down and Dr Tiwana came in few minutes later and we both had check-ups. All this was performed very professionally and in a very pleasant atmosphere. Two surgeries were used one was cleaned while using the other, PPE was used by every one and you were escorted everywhere so you didn’t walk into other patients to maintain social distancing. All in all excellent.
11:15 03 Feb 21
I recently had root canal treatment here. It was carried out very efficiently. I was talked through it. Which helped me understand what was going on. It seemed to be over quite quickly with no discomfort.I would recommend for anyone nervous about dental work this Dental surgery will give you confidence.I had a little numbness for awhile afterwards and no discomfort. Other than a little tender if I touched my jawline but that went in the next couple of days.So yes I would rate Styvechale Dental Care 5 stars.There are covid restrictions inside which are very well organised.
10:33 02 Feb 21
Always had excellent service and the best of care from a very professional team of lovely, caring and dedicated staff. Thank you.
14:40 01 Feb 21
I have attended the Styvechale Dental Care practice for some six years. Throughout I have always found the dental surgeons, dental nurses, hygienists and reception staff to be cheerful, friendly and professional. The considerable skill and experience in each of the different areas of the practice is supported by advanced technological facilities. I have always been completely satisfied with the attention and treatment I have received.
15:14 29 Jan 21
14:07 29 Jan 21
I was referred to Styvechale Dental Care by my own dentist for root canal treatment because, I was informed that they had better equipment to deal with the treatment I needed (and indeed they do with cameras and scanners and other state of the art technology).From making my first appointment to completing treatment with an onlay (recommended as an alternative option to a crown) I have to say I have never felt as comfortable with any other dental treatment I have had. The treatment was in two stages, and each stage lasted over an hour. The fear I had of sitting in the dentist chair for two minutes disappeared as I was treated so pleasantly and with care that I wouldn't hesitate in recommending this practice for anyone looking for private dental treatment.I was treated by Dr Tiwana and several dental assistants on each of my visits and I was always treated with the utmost respect. I cannot recommend or praise the efforts of these people enough. They managed to save a tooth that I thought was destined for the grave and now I hope to keep it for the rest of my life. Thanks to all for my lovely new onlay.
15:37 27 Jan 21
Perfectly simple dental care, high quality and always professional. Always provide a detailed explanation of care and options before any treatment is initiated. Very quick to respond to coronavirus pandemic and reopen to their patients with good clinical measures in place to keep staff and patients safe, where some other dental care institutions remained "closed" to all but emergencies.
15:29 27 Jan 21
Professional, polite staff, offering excellent service.
13:15 27 Jan 21
Very professional team, have always been very pleased with my treatment and would not go anywhere else
17:34 25 Jan 21
I needed a root canal filling under a gold crown I got on the NHS 20 years ago. First appointment at Styvechale Dental Care to remove the old crown and clean out infection was not at all painful, and I left with a temporary filling. Returned a week later to have a new white crown made, which was all done on the same day and I am so happy with the result, it is now my best tooth. My new crown is a perfect fit, looks natural and feels great. It was worth having an abscess to get the upgrade to a much better crown! I recommend Styvechale Dental Care unreservedly.
20:24 21 Jan 21
I only have 1 weeks worth of aligners left and am so pleased with how my teeth have turned out!I never thought my teeth were too bad to begin with but now they've been corrected I can't believe what a huge difference they've made!Henel and the other staff at the surgery have been brilliant throughout my treatment too.
11:33 15 Oct 20
I have always been really well looked after at Styvechale Dental Care and highly recommend them. I had an appointment with one of the hygienists recently. This was my first appointment during Covid with all the extra safety measures they have had to implement. The quality of care was outstanding from the moment I stepped into the building until I left. I felt very much at ease during these challenging times.
14:15 05 Oct 20
A really friendly team, so professional and helpful. I've elected full dentures and the process is progressing really swiftly. A thoughtful approach, any extractions being carried out on a Saturday so work isn't impacted; and other considerations such as working to fit in all appointments before a holiday were no problem . Thanks Team, I'm looking forward to completing my procedures!
22:52 25 Sep 20
I've been attending Styvechale Dental care for many years and the care I've received has been above and beyond any other. The staff and Dentists are friendly/welcoming and make you feel special couldn't ask for a better service.See you in 6 Months for my check and thank you.
08:38 21 Sep 20
I received excellent professional treatment and am delighted with the result. My new crown is a delight and I am very satisfied with my treatment
20:10 19 Sep 20
My experience with Henal and the team at Styvechale Dental for Invisalign treatment has been amazing. I am thrilled with my progress so far and can’t wait to see the final result. Can’t recommend them enough!
15:48 17 Sep 20
I couldn’t be happier with Styvechale Dentist, the time and care is really put into each treatment and patient. I had orthodontist treatment with them last year, whitening and composite bonding and couldn’t of been happier with the process and results. I wouldn’t trust anywhere else with oral care. Absolutely fantastic practice, highly recommend!
15:17 17 Sep 20
My family and I have been clients of Styvechale Dental Care for a number of years and visit every 3 months in order to maintain an acceptable dental standard.I cannot speak highly enough about the Practice in terms of customer care,availability ,hygiene standards etc. in particular when the Practice re-opened following the "Covid lockdown",we felt very secure when we visited with temperature checks on entry,sanitiser gels and staff in full PPE.Rachel the Practice Manager maintained contact throughout the lockdown period. Dr.Kate Cozens attended to our check ups and Jill our Hygienist is almost a family friend !!!
13:02 17 Sep 20
I had a filling replaced in a no. 8 molar!The care and professionalism were outstanding, including the precautionary Covid measures. Although it was probably a very routine job, it felt like there was great attention to detail, and great precision and gentleness. I declined an injection, and my confidence in their skill was rewarded with no discomfort whatsoever. Top treatment!
18:15 16 Sep 20
I attended for my 6 monthly check up, the team were welcoming & friendly as usual with all measures in place for safety, so I felt comfortable being there
16:48 16 Sep 20
I was pleased to see how the surgery had been carefully arranged re Covid-19 arrangements. My visit was for a 6 monthly inspection and, as usual, was very satisfactory.
14:37 13 Sep 20
This was a check-up visit, my first for many months, The dentist's staff worked tirelessly but calmed to ensure it was the safest of environments. They were reassuring, calming and extremely profficient, Their COVID-restriction measures were 100%+I
20:53 10 Sep 20
All the dentists are absolutely superb at this practice. You always get seen quickly if there is a problem, and the gentle caring approach shown by Kate, managed to quell the worries of my very nervous son. I am currently undergoing implant work by Jeetinder, and am tremendously impressed by his professionalism .
15:35 10 Sep 20
I can’t thank Dr Taiwan’s and his team enough this last 12 months, I had got myself so upset, worrying about the treatment I needed and the loss of teeth. Dr Tiwana was so kind and explained in great detail my options, I always left the practice smiling.I couldn’t be happier with my result, I have the most perfect smile.Extremely professional, I would highly recommend a visit.Thank you so much
13:34 10 Sep 20
Absolutely brilliant! I have been going to the practice for years, dealt with me efficiently and out of hours. Can not recommend them highly enough.
11:51 10 Sep 20
Great treatment from Dr Tiwana
15:30 09 Sep 20
15:29 09 Sep 20
Always very clean and hygienic. All staff friendly and efficient.
13:33 09 Sep 20
Totally professional. Excellent client treatment and follow up care. Experienced and caring staff. I would highly recommend them.
11:29 09 Sep 20
This practice has been our dentist for many years and we have always received an excellent service from them. I had to have a filling replaced recently, Ruby was very good and very thorough. I am due back for a check up soon and have every confidence that they will do an excellent job.
13:04 07 Sep 20
Always supremely professional. First class service. The arrangements under Covid are very reassuring.
11:50 01 Aug 20
Very professional and very knowledgable Dentist. Provided me with clear options and cost at each stage. C-19 compliant.
18:56 16 Jul 20
14:43 28 Feb 20
Dr Tiwana is the best dentist I have ever been to. Very professional and reassuring. I can not recommend Styvechale Dentists highly enough.
13:21 03 Feb 20
09:14 05 Jan 19
22:03 09 Mar 17
11:04 28 Jul 13