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Denture problems? Afraid to smile? Do you want dentures that fit securely, are comfortable and look natural? You’re not asking too much! At Styvechale Dental Care we work closely with our Denture Technicians who are highly experienced in creating all types of natural looking dentures that once expertly fitted, will restore your smile and transform your appearance.

People lose teeth for all sorts of reasons inducing illness, accident and deficient care. The loss of a single tooth can lead to the loss of other teeth and if left untreated can lead to permanent changes in facial appearance. At Styvechale Dental Care we therefore offer a variety of dentures that are available to replace missing teeth and stop the chain reaction caused by tooth loss.

The denture teeth we use are gender specific and are made from state of the art materials. Whether your denture base is made from gum coloured plastic or biocompatible metal alloy, rest assured it will be resistant to impact and offer the best fit possible.

The close working relationship bewteen our dentists and our Denture Technicians mean that our patients at Styvechale Dental Care benefit from dentures that stay in place with fully restored chewing ability and taste sensation with less denture base.

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Fixed Hybrid Dentures

This video shows you how fixed-hybrid dentures, or screw-retained dentures, replace teeth and provide improved overall function for eating and speech.

Caring for a Hybrid Denture

Taking care of your screw-retained dentures is important. This video demonstrates how to properly care for your denture and the supporting implants to ensure its longevity.

Removable Complete Dentures

This video shows you how removable dentures can replace your missing teeth, while mimicking their natural appearance and restoring their overall function.


Home Maintenance for Dentures

Taking care of your dentures is important. This video demonstrates how to properly clean and handle removable or partial dentures, so they don’t become damaged or dirty.


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